Fashion Show Held For Athletic Department At St. Stanislaus

Some of the young men at St. Stanislaus traded their school books for serving trays and a quick glance at some gorgeous female models in the Casablanca Couture Fashion Show.

"It kind of harkens back to a time when travel and shopping and nightclubs were really sophisticated, so all the fashion and the accessories tried to reflect that," says Kerrie Loya.

Kerrie Loya owns Jet Set Boutique in Bay St. Louis. She headed up the fundraiser and rounded up a diverse group of models for the head turning show.

"We have a couple of girls from OLA, and we have some moms that are around their children at Holy Trinity, OLA or St. Stanislaus. Then we have our very adventurous group of Cabana boys, and those would be the boys from St. Stanislaus," Loya says.

One show stealer was Jay Ladner, the Boys' Basketball Coach at St. Stanislaus.

"I don't know how much of a future I have in coaching, but I really don't plan on having one in modeling," he says.

But, he was still a good sport about it.

We asked him, "Now, as a coach, I'm sure you have some strenuous moments, how does coaching compare to being up here on the tee and strutting your stuff?"

He says,  "I'd rather coach. It's a lot less pressure."