St. Pauls Catholic Church Members Pray To Save Their Church

Another Sunday and another Rosary Rally for members of St. Pauls Catholic Church. But they say prayer is not their only weapon in the Save St. Paul Committee's battle to convince the diocese to change their minds about not rebuilding this church on this spot.

"There's a lot of networking going on," says long time St. Pauls Member John Housey. "People are talking to each other continuously and we remain focused."

At issue is money. In particular, the money they began raising to rebuild shortly after Katrina's floodwaters damaged their church.

"We're talking almost a million dollars that was sent to this parish, for St. Pauls to be rebuilt," says Committee Member Marjorie Schroeder. "We've had people from all over the county send donations to help rebuild St. Paul. Not any other church, just for St. Paul."

But instead, the diocese has decided to use that money to combine St. Pauls and Our Lady Of Lourdes, and build a new church at this site in the nearby Pineville community. Decisions committee members say were reached without the input of members from either church. So after 8 weeks of prayer, members are preparing to push the issue in another way.

"We're going to do what it takes," warns Schroeder. "Whatever it takes we're going to go forward."

Members of "Save Saint Pauls" aren't saying what their next move is, but they say it's coming and soon. And they say when it does, the church hierarchy and the diocese will have to talk to them. Something they say so far they've been unwilling to do.

"Yes, they're going to have to talk to us," says Schroeder. "One way or another."