Gulfport Church Celebrates Renewed Faith In A New Building

Some are calling it 'a new day at New Light Missionary Baptist Church'.

"We have been waiting on this moment and praise God we made it and it's a blessing," says member Cora Jordan.

Jordan is just one of the original members giving thanks for their new building and the man who led them to it.

"We kept the faith, we kept praying and we followed our pastor while he followed Christ and led us and so were here," says Jordan.

The journey was a difficult one for pastor Steve McDaniel. McDaniel says that after being forced out of his former church after 15 years, it was hard for him to lead with hurt in his heart.

"Coming over, leaving a church where everything was in place to having no place to go, the feeling was like an orphan. I was just like Moses in the wilderness. I got your people now what do I do,  where do I go and the Lord just said I'm going to bless you," says Pastor McDaniel.

McDaniel says after receiving that word, he shared his vision for a new church with only 38 followers.

"He had a plan. Obviously God laid something on his heart so we had to follow him while he followed Christ and that's what we did," says Jordan.

The congregation followed him from one temporary location to the next for the past two years.   Now Pastor McDaniel and his growing membership has their own place to worship.

"We are a new church, we started with nothing, but now we have something because God blessed us," says McDaniel.

New Light Missionary Baptist Church is located on South Swan Lake Road in Gulfport.