Pascagoula Beach Still Recovering As Visitors Return

As warm weather rolls into Pascagoula, the sand, waves and sun lured Andrew Mosley's family to the beach, for the first time in 20 months.

"This is our first time here since the storm, we wasn't sure whether we should come, but someone told us it was pretty clean so we decided to come down and check it out ourselves," Mosley says.

The water isn't crystal clear, but even the most discerning critics agree, this beach is back.

"I think it's fun! I get to play with the sand and the water!" 5 year old Hayden Parker says.

"It's good when you have smaller children. You don't have to worry about crowds. That's why I like this beach. Not as many people come as in Ocean Springs and Biloxi. It's a lot safer when you have younger kids," Pascagoula resident Brandy Tommassie says.

The Pascagoula beachfront has been significantly cleaned up since Katrina, but one aspect has not been touched. The pier you see behind me is broken into a thousand pieces. And visitors say it's time the pier is fixed.

"I hope they rebuild it. I liked the way it was before. They had all the seating.. a lot of people would bring their kids to ride their bikes on it. Being across the street from the park, it was good the way it was," Tommassie says.

"I'd come down here and go fishing off it all the time. I used to," Mosley says.

On this day, one lone fisherman drops her line in from the beach.

The broken pier a backdrop for what has re-emerged as a beautiful beach. One that is sure to bring this family back for more.

"Once they get out of school, we'll be down here a lot," Mosley says.

City manager Kay Kell says Beach Pier will be rebuilt. The city council recently approved the city to go forward with rebuilding plans, and bids will soon be taken.