Organizers Calling Crawfish Festival A Success

What happens when you mix crawfish, and boisterous cooks? You have a fierce competition on your hands.

Eight crawfish cooking teams vied for a thousand dollar prize and bragging rights at the Crawfish Festival. It's the second time the crawfish cookoff has been held at the festival. Biloxi's Big Daddies have taken part since the beginning.

"I think there are more people here than there were last year, but it was right after the hurricane last year, so a lot of people didn't show up. We had it in the Coliseum. I think this is a better area to have it," said Chris Robrecht, a crawfish cooker.

It was also the Real Big Daddy's team second year to compete. Team members here say their recipe keeps 'em crawling back.

The crawfish cookoff was just one of many activities at the festival. The festival wraps up tomorrow evening and Coliseum director Bill Holmes is pleased with the turnout so far.

"Right now, we're heading probably close to 42 - 43,000. We're able to tell that, of course, because we're on computerization, so we can tell exactly where we are. Last year we did 55,000, which was a record-breaking year," Holmes said.

So far, people have eaten, 23,000 pounds of crawfish at the festival, and there are still 12,000 more pounds of crawdads for tomorrow's crowd.