Military Kids Learn What It's Like To Go Through Deployment Through A Special Mission

Two flights of pint-size troops marched off for their mock deployment this morning at Keesler Airforce Base. They were on a mission called Operation Hero.  The Airmen Family and Readiness Center organized the event to help military children better understand what they're parents go through when they are deployed.

"It's pretty cool to see what everybody does and how they do it when they're on deployment and everything," says Toni Liggins, Operation Hero Participant.

Little troops like Alexes and Tori Liggins got to see first hand what their dad does when he operates low profile trucks.

"I think I'll remember most about how hard they have to work just to do one single job and that it's not the easiest to do," says Alexes Liggins, Operation Hero Participant.

"Most of the time they don't know what Daddy's doing when he comes to do his work. This way we can actually get them to see what kind of equipment we work with and how hard the work sometimes is," says Staff Seargent, William Liggins.

"They get a better appreciation of what's going on out there. It helps them accept what they're going through a little bit better," says Tech Seargent, Ernesto Alvendia.

The flight of little troops had no trouble getting behind the wheel of Hum-vee's or hopping on an ATV. The Biloxi Police Department along with the Bomb squad and S.W.A.T team stopped by to show the kids some of their equipment. The kids got also took a tour of a control tower and the fire department. They even got to taste MRE's.

"They're good," says Alexes Liggins.

They walked away with dog tags, personalized photo ID badges, a certificate of survival and a bag of other give-aways.

Alexes says there's another important thing to take away from today's experience.

"I would think that kids should come out, too, if they want to be in the military.  They can see what they can do and all the opportunities there are in the military," says Alexes Liggins.

After successfully going through their mock deployment, for the two flights of little troops, it was mission accomplished.

Organizers plan to have another event like this one in October.