Six-Year-Old Drops 100 Pounds In A Year

You're about to read the story of a six year old Harrison County boy who once weighed almost 200 pounds. Doctors blame part of Christian Saucier's weight problem on a skull deformity that affected his brain's metabolism center. However, dieticians found a way for Christian to shed much of his excess weight.

Suddenly, every step Christian Saucier takes is a victory over obesity. When Christian was five, he ate so much, and so often, he ballooned to 198 pounds. He needed a wheelchair to move from room to room.

"It didn't feel good," the child said before his doctor's visit.

Relatives have video of Christian in a swimming pool. He was so overweight, he had to use a pool to learn how to walk again.

"Before he couldn't really get out of the house and he just kind of stayed inside and did nothing," his mother Tiffany remembered as a tear dripped down her face.

Christian's obesity forced the family to take him to Dr. Stanford Owen, hoping the Gulfport doctor could melt away the excess weight. Owen's message was simple.

"It just takes determination and methods, and anybody can do it," he said.

The method Dr. Owen recommended was hidden in a shake. For a year, the six-year-old didn't eat. All he consumed were Prescript Fit shakes. Vanilla was Christian's favorite. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. When he stepped on a scale, the once 198 pound five-year-old was suddenly a 95 pound six-year-old.

"Oh my goodness gracious," a relative said. "You did lose a lot."

Christian lost a whopping 103 pounds in exactly one year. The nurses at Dr. Owen's office are now calling him "Sponge Bob Skinny Pants."

Mom says, "He's just a whole new kid now."

A smiling Christian jumped in with an emphatic "uh huh."

If Dr. Owen would have been told a year ago he could get Christian to drop 103 pounds, "I'd have said we would have been very optimistic in that projection. No question about it. It's been a miraculous year for us."

In between celebratory hugs, Dr. Owen reminded the Saucier family, there's still more work to do.

"This is just a start," Owen told Grandpa Clifton.

In year two, food will be slowly reintroduced into Christian's diet. This six-year-old, whose battled a skull deformity, three brain surgeries, and obesity, is more than ready for the next challenge.

"It makes me feel really, really good," the suddenly trim Christian said through a smile that melted hearts around the doctor's office.

The Sauciers wanted to share Christian's story to encourage other families to fight obesity. Statistically, Mississippi children are more obese than children in any other state in the U.S.