MEMA Launches Web Site For Alternative Housing Program

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency launched a Web site recently for the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program. The Web site is

The site will be updated with information about the program, including when contractors are selected for the building process, unit specifications, program eligibility and answers to frequently asked questions.

A call center for the program opened earlier this month and has taken more than 700 calls from Gulf Coast residents who are interested in the program. The call center's number is 1-866-726-MAHP (6247).

Residents who have questions about the program can call the number between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday for more information about the program. A language line will be available for the call center beginning Wednesday for Mississippians who speak languages other than English.

The Mississippi Alternative Housing Program is a pilot program funded by a $281 million federal grant. The goals of the program are to develop and evaluate safer and more comfortable alternatives to current disaster housing units for future disasters. MEMA is administering the 24-month long program.