Disparaging Comments Should Be Offensive To All

It is truly time to use the recent outrage at Don Imus to take personal responsibility for promoting more consideration of diversity, across the board.

We know all too well that the use of slurs by too many people has gone too far for far too long. Slurs and culturally denigrating comments uttered by anyone are unequivocally offensive, period!

It has been disheartening to hear journalists make the ridiculous argument that if someone else makes disparaging comments that they should be able to do likewise. Why would anyone want to imitate racists, bigots, sexists and the like?

Comedy has traditionally been tongue-in-cheek. Lately, it has become more foot in rear.

I am devoted to the right of free speech. However, with all rights come responsibilities. A reckless disregard of those responsibilities may result in consequences.

The remedy for our current state of cultural unrest is less condemnation, more understanding and respect of our diverse backgrounds. Appreciation of our diversity will require a little, but worthwhile, effort to open ourselves to experiences beyond our own personal, customary comforts.

Exercising common courtesy and respect for the rights of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities reinforce all of our freedoms.

Guest Editorial by Kathy Egland, NAACP National Board of Directors.  
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