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Meet AMR's Quality Assurance/Quality Assurance & Safety & Risk Manager

Also profiled this month is our Quality Assurance/ Quality Improvement and Safety and Risk Manager, Phil Berg. Phil is a retired Air Force veteran and has been employed by AMR and in the EMS business for over 14 years. Phil brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to the management staff. He is a Paramedic and has worked for AMR as a Field Supervisor. Phil's responsibilities as the Safety /Risk, and QA/QI specialist includes interactions with crews and other allied health professionals to insure the highest quality of pre-hospital care to our customers and employees. Phil constantly reviews protocols, standing orders and standard operating procedures and consults with the medical director and other physicians to help improve and expand the level of care we provide. He reviews patient reports, and other pertinent data regularly and also administers the AMR Safety Program mandated by our Corporate Headquarters. Phil holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, and an Associates Degree from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Phil calls Minnesota home, but currently lives in Gulfport. He is married and has 4 children. He is active in Boy Scouts of America and is the Advisor for the Emergency Medical Services Explorer post 911. Phil can be reached during business hours at AMR. 228.897.6662

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