Benefit Held For Bay High Student

On Sunday, people from throughout the region gathered at Mount Bethel Baptist Church in Waveland for a benefit to help out Robert Labat.

Labat is known at Bay High as a warrior on the battlefield. The 17-year-old senior is a versatile athlete. He plays on the school's football, tennis, and basketball teams. But in December, Labat found out he'd be taking on the battle of his life, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer.

"Originally, he was diagnosed at stage three out of four stages, and right now, we haven't gotten a restaging, but all his tests, his bloodwork, spinal fluid, everything's looking good. He's responding well to his chemo, but at this point, it looks like there's no radiation to be involved. He's back into his school and his sports, and he's doing very well," said his mother, Thyra Labat.

Robert's mother says they've been contacted by churches and families all across the country. This weekend, dozens of people gathered at Mount Bethel Baptist Church to show their support.

"Churches are represented from all over the coast, and from as far as North Mississippi, outside the state. You have volunteers and businesses that are here to come and worship God and pray for this young man to be delivered," said Pastor Torrin Preston, the pastor at Mount Bethel Baptist Church.

The Labats joined the praise, holding fast to their faith and letting their worries go.

"Put it in God's hands, that's what we did. He determined, that's where it would be after a day or two, it took to sink it all in, he thought God was using him, is what he said, he thought God was using him to send a message to somebody else, and he was wiling to be that one," Thyra Labat said.

She says Robert is responding well to treatment, and that the cancer is not spreading. And although doctors at first doubted Robert would be even be able to return to school, he still plays on the school's tennis, football, and basketball teams.

If you'd like to help defray the Labat's medical costs, you can contact the church at 228-466-9829.