This Year's Spring Art Fling Showcases Some Of The Most Unique Talent On The Coast

It was a room packed with artistic talent in Diamondhead Sunday afternoon during the 12th annual Spring Art Fling.

"We have such a wide variety of artists and artisans it's interesting to see what they bring," says Mary Clements, Diamondhead Women's Club President.

They brought everything from watercolor and airbrush paintings to jewelry and knitted items. The Diamondhead Women's Club hosted the Spring Art Fling which showcased 28 artists.

"It's great for these artists, especially new ones, to display their work, get their names out and business cards out," says Clements.

Edward Moultrie and his wife moved to the coast from New York a week before Katrina.  Moultrie also brought his love for creating airbrush artwork down with him.

"When I see a photograph or a person with eyes that stand out, I want to capture that in airbrush.  The eyes are dominant.  If I concentrate on airbrushing every day for several hours a day, I can do it in three weeks to a month," says Moultrie.

The lure of a room filled with such artistic beauty kept shoppers coming.  Shopper, Linda Bigler says the art show also helps fulfill a need along the coast.

"A lot of people who lost their homes in the hurricane can come here and find pictures to put back up on their walls.  That's one thing I've noticed, a lot of houses, although rebuilt, the walls are bear," says Linda Bigler, shopper.

From the steady stream of shoppers who stopped by to stock up on some of the coast's most unique pieces of art, it looks as if the event did not disappoint. Money raised from the 12th Annual Art Fling will benefit Hope Haven Children's Shelter and Alzheimer's Associations.