Memorial Golf Tournament Promises Bright Future For Little Girl

"Play golf!" Addison McNabb cheers, as golfers cruise by in their carts.

At the request of 2 year old Addison, more than 100 golfers hit the green Sunday morning. The one person missing from the course: Addison's father Chris, who died unexpectedly last September.

"It was very important to Chris that Addison have the best. She's daddy's little girl. So they really thought it was important to honor his wishes and make sure she had a really good education," Dawn McNabb says.

Through that wish, the First Annual Chris McNabb Golf Tournament was born. With the 5,000 dollars earned today, they're off to a great start. Chris's childhood friend George Zorn hopes the annual tournament continues for the next 16 years, until Addison is 18.

"Hopefully we'll have enough money to pay for all 4 years of college, housing, and everything in that," tournament organizer George Zorn says.

"She probably doesn't have a clue what it means just yet, but eventually, hopefully it means a lot to her. I know it means a lot to her mom. Hopefully one day she can look back and see what kind of friend her dad was and be able to understand what kind of person her dad was," golfer and friend Tony Rossi says.

The course presented some challenges along the way.

"We might not be the best golfers out here, but by golly, we're doing it for Chris," Zorn says.

Ultimately, the score was the last thing on anyone's mind. Because each swing means one girl's future will be a little bit brighter.

"Addison's going to be the big winner. At the end of the day, Addison wins," Rossi says.

If you'd like to donate to the Chris McNabb Memorial Fund, you can contact your local Bancorp South branch.