A Corvette Christmas For A Biloxi Boy

Dillon's gift on wheels all started with a writing assignment from his teacher, Heather Boudreaux.  Boudreaux's students had to write a letter about their favorite car in response to a newspaper article.

"I didn't know one little letter could make all of this happen," says Dillon McBride.

The letter caught the attention of Chad Barnett, the moderator of an online corvette group.  Dillon's letter created so much attention that corvette clubs in Mississippi and Louisiana decided to step in and bring a caravan of 23 corvettes to Dillon's front door.

Although there were plenty of eye-catchers, to Dillon, the orange corvettes were the true stand-outs.

"It's better than cool," says McBride.

The clubs presented Dillon with corvette memorabilia gifts.  But, his letter also resulted in a much needed gift for his school.   Digitalcorvettes.com presented a $1,000 check to Dillon's school North Bay Elementary.  The principal, Laurie Pitri, says the money will go toward the school's technology fund to buy interactive white boards called Parmethian boards.  And the students will have Dillon to thank.

"If anybody deserved this on the face of the earth, especially post-Katrina, it is Dillon," says Melissa Crosby, Dillon's mother.

A lesson to be learned: Dillon says you never know what a little extra effort on a classroom assignment can get you. From the look on Dillon's face as he went for a spinin his favorite ride, a shiny orange corvette, the work was well worth the ride.

By Krystal Allan