Crawfish Festival Setting Records

"The festival is starting off with a big bang. We had record numbers, Thursday, yesterday, today they just keep coming and coming," said Coliseum Director Bill Holmes.

More than 12,000 people showed up the first two nights of the festival. Saturday night, organizers expect a crowd of 15,000.

Christina Hofler and her son Matthew are among those who attended Saturday. Her reasons for coming were simple.

"Nice weather, crawfish, people, music," Hofler said.

A number of people are getting their first taste of the crawfish festival, and the crustacean it's named after.

"Friday night, we had about 600 from Americorps come in, young people. A lot of them hadn't eaten crawfish, and they were pinching the heads and, and you'd hear ooh and ah!" Holmes said.

But if crawfish doesn't suit your palette, there's a little something for everyone.

"We've got tremendous vendors out here, various merchandise vendors. You have souvenoir shirts. You have food vendors that are just unreal," Holmes said.

Shelby Campbell and her friends spent plenty of time checking out the merchandise. The 15-year-old festival has been around longer than Shelby Campbell's been alive, but her family brings her to the event every year. She and her friends have already become veteran crawfish eaters.

"I ate, well we shared a thing. I ate like 30," Campbell said.

But there's still plenty of crawfish and music to go around.

The festival wraps up Sunday night, then will resume Thursday, April 26 and run until Sunday, April 29.

Various headliners are set to take center stage at the event.  For more information, click here.