100 Homes 100 Days Project Celebrates Five Home Completions

"I am blessed!"

Leonard Cook repeated that phrase as he walked through his Skip Avenue Home.  For 20 months Cook lived with cracked floors, and damaged ceilings.  Now, the 83 year old's house is like new.

"They did all the work, finished up, and I can get back here and enjoy myself," Cook said.

They, are the volunteers with the "100 Homes in 100 Days" project, and the group worked countless hours to repair his home.

"We did about 40 percent of the house, insulation, all flooring, all electrical trim," volunteer Christopher Fosset said.

Cook is just one of five Pascagoula homeowners celebrating.

Frozine Morris couldn't stop smiling as she looked around at the new paint and flooring jobs inside her home.

"It is refreshing to know that you are back into something that you once had, that was damaged to the point you did not know how you would be able to do stuff for yourself," said Pascagoula resident Frozine Morris.

Project Coordinator Keith Canfield said that is exactly the goal of this project, to get people in affordable, permanent housing - soon.

"With hurricane season right around the corner, June 1st, we need to get people back in the home. It is a neighborhood you want to see comeback to life," Canfield said.

With 5 homes now finished and 95 more to go, organizers say they are on a mission sign up more volunteers to help in this life changing project

"Were actively working on 28 homes as we speak, very shortly we will add another six or seven," Public Relations Director Tammy Agard said.

"We have zero money for a labor force, so it has to be done with volunteers." Agard said.

With a deadline of July the 4th, the group is committed to the effort, so that Katrina victims can have a place to call home again.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army have each donated 1 million dollars to the project, along with Northrop Grumman that contributed 50 thousand dollars.