Operation Frostbite Chills Crime In Ocean Springs

The cold sting of Operation Frostbite slammed Ocean Springs Thursday night. Dozens of suspected criminals her found out what others learned in five previous busts.  Officers say Ocean Springs has the lowest crime rate in Jackson County. However, Frostbite shows drug crimes are everywhere.

"It doesn't matter where you go, you're not gonna hide from us when we're out doing what we do," Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County Commander Curtis Spiers says.

Scores of traffic stops, turned into dozens of tickets and arrests. The biggest bust came outside a local motel.

"20, 40, 60, 80. 700," agents said as they counted out seized money.

Police found $3,500 and an ounce of marijuana.

The number of traffic tickets and felony arrests were lower this mission, but task force members say they're not discouraged. They say the lower numbers could actually be a positive sign, and mean that Operation Frostbite really is putting a freeze on crime.

"The numbers were low, but it might mean that they're afraid to be selling drugs, carrying drugs, committing crime in Jackson County. The word is out, they know we're out, they don't know when we're out, so it's deterring them from committing crimes," Asst. Commander of the Narcotics Task Force Chad Heck says.

Though Frostbite's four-month long cold front is over, agents want Jackson County residents to remember the sting.

"We're pro-active policing. We're not out there to harass them; we're out there to keep their streets safe," Heck says.

Task Force Agents say you can count on many more operations like Frostbite in the near future. While the name will change, their mission to fight crime in Jackson County will stay the same.