Red Light Runners Beware-You Could Be On Camera

After numerous complaints from motorists for more than a year, Biloxi police are considering installing red light cameras at traffic intersections. Biloxi police say intersections like Beauvoir and Highway 90, Pass Road and Beauvoir and Popps Ferry Road and Pass Road, are just a few of many intersections notorious for motorists running red lights.

The red light cameras would snap a picture of the car and the driver's license plate as he or she ran the red light. Tupelo is already in the process of installing red light cameras. Although public safety is the department's primary concern, it wants to research the system more carefully.

"We're taking a wait and see attitude right now. We're getting facts and figures together and seeing what the product is. We're just going to wait and see how things go in Tupelo," Rodney McGilvary, Assistant Chief of Police.

Drivers in Biloxi say it's right on time.

"I've seen plenty of accidents at those intersections and it stops up traffic really bad. It becomes a big hassle for everyone around here. I think being able to catch people running red lights would be a good idea," says Erik Gabriel, Biloxi.

"It's dangerous and if we have people running through red lights, people are going to get hit.  They need to slow down," says Michelle Scott, Biloxi.

But the city council would have to step in and take action before the red light cameras could be installed.

"An ordinance has to be passed by the council that would allow enforcement of the citation, kind of like a parking ticket," says McGilvary.

With the new system, intersections would be monitored 24/7 and information would be kept on file for 30 days. Assistant Chief McGilvary says this could also help police with accidents and traffic counts.

Ultimately, drivers like Scott hope it will help other drivers become a little more patient.

"Hopefully it will be a reminder and those who care will finally slow down."