Television A Big Seller Super Bowl Week

Will you be among the millions of Americans watching the Super Bowl this weekend? Wouldn't it be nice to watch the big game on one of those big screen televisions? That's what a lot of people in TV sales hope you are thinking.

When it comes to the world of TV sales, big is in. "We've got up to a 65 inch, they make 80 inch, you can get TVs the size of a wall nowadays," says TV sales consultant Mike McCormick at Hoopers.

If you really want the best, consider a big screen high definition television. HDTV for short, the clarity is unbelievable.

According to McCormick, "When somebody walks in and sees the HDTV for the first time, their reaction is wow, I can hardly believe it."

But, when they see the price tag, McCormick says there is another wow. "Yea, the majority of time it is wow, they can't believe it."

Prices on HDTV can range anywhere from two to five thousand, although it can go considerably higher. That price should go down in the next few years, but, the price is not keeping avid television watchers away.

McCormick says they sell big screen televisions all year long.

Suprisingly, it wasn't that long ago, when the 27 inch TV was the biggest tube picture made, how things have changed. That was back in the mid to late 80's, now the 27 inch is almost considered entry level. Here's the good news, those 27 inch TVs that used to cost 15-hundred dollars, now run as low as 350.

And those smaller televisions are still selling, but if its big you want,and you've got the cash, McCormicks' advice to his customers is, go for it.

He says, "I think the only limit is money and imagination, you can get as big as you can afford."

By Jeff Lawson