Teachers Could Get A Tax Break

We know that education is one of the state's top priorities. But you may not be aware that some schools simply can't spend much money on school supplies. It's often up to the teachers to put dollars into their own supplies. But those teachers may soon receive some help in the form of tax relief from the state government.

Glynda Beard teaches kindergarten.  She enjoys making her classroom interactive for her students.  But she pays for most of her project.  She says she spends about several hundred dollars to do the projects in her classroom.

There's a bill currently under legislation that would give up to $500 in state tax relief to any teacher who frequenlty spends his or her money on school supplies. "I thought that this would be a small way that we could give a little bit of relief to teachers who do and have in the past spent their own money out of pocket," says Senator Alice Harden of Jackson.

Glynda Beard says a tax break would allow her to invest even more money into her classroom, and more money into her students.

Legislatures aren't sure how much money teachers will have to spend to get the tax relief.  They say if the bill passes, it will be up to the tax commission to determine the amount.