Prom Safety: Buckle Up And Be Careful

If only they had been wearing their seat belts.  Those are the words of a father who lost his only two children in a car accident. They were thrown from the car and died a short time later.

Brian Pearse doesn't want any parent to experience what he and his wife have gone thorough. Recently he spoke to the Seniors at Gulfport High who this weekend will attend their prom.  Pearse urged the students to take the ten seconds required to buckle up.

Brian Pearse, "Some of you are going to get in your car and don't want to mess up your dress because you don't want to buckle up. Buckle up. Get the wrinkle in your suit, get the wrinkle in your dress, because it is going to save your life."

More people are saved and pulled out of accidents alive with a seat belt than not. A couple of sobering statistics:

  • 67 percent of the 16 to 18 years old killed or severely injured in car crashes were not wearing seat belts.
  • Also people involved in crashes are four times more likely to die if they are thrown from the car than if they remain inside.

Within the next few weeks most seniors in our area will be attending prom.  Parents, make sure you talk to your teenagers about buckling up.  No parents wants to receive the call that Brian Pearse received about his two children.

Everyone please buckle up. It could save your life, and by the way, it is the law.

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David Vincent

WLOX-TV Station Manager