Man Still On Death Row, More Than 15 Years After Killing Coast Teen

It has been more than a decade since anyone was executed in Mississippi. More than 60 death row inmates remain there, filing appeal after appeal.

Gerald Holland is one of those inmates sentenced to die. He has lived on death row for 16 years. That's one year longer than Krystal King was alive. Holland raped, sodomized and sexually mutilated the Gulfport girl before killing her on her 15th birthday. Krystal's sister Marcie says their family's nightmare continues as long as Holland is alive.

In 1986, Gerald Holland confesses to murdering Krystal King.He was convicted that same year of first degree murder and sentenced to die in 1987. He appealed the decision was denied and had to more appeals and denials. Today he is still on death row with nor execution date set. Meanwhile, Krystal's family is growing more and more frustrated.

State Rep. Roger Ishee is a member of the state penitentiary house committee, he says many county's in the state don't have public defender's offices.Many death row inmates use that to claim poor legal representation and get their appeals heard.

Last year a new office of "post conviction counsel" was set up in Jackson to solve this problem, legislators hope the new office will lessen the chance of repeat appeals.

Representative Ishee says he is working on legislation that would release and rehabilitate non-violent offenders to have more money to spend on the more serious crimes where murder is involved.