Ugandan Choir Spreads Message Of Hope On Coast

African sounds and dance were heard and seen from the moment this special group of children hit the stage at Singing River Mall. They travel all over the United States, Canada, and Great Britain to perform.

"We like telling other people about the love of Jesus and how Jesus was," 14-year-old choir member Charles said.

There were moments like this one where children told their stories of how they lost one or both of their parents to AIDS or war.

"My mom died, and I had no one to look after me, but I'm happy now because I have someone to look after me. She gives me everything I need," Charles said.

The children say God's grace got them through their tragedies, and folks in the audience got the message. They watched the choir in amazement, and at times even participated.

"I love the dancing and the spirituality of it so," Moss Point resident Hazel Molden said. "I really did, I got into it as you can tell."

As the choir says good-bye to "this" audience, they head on to meet another, and share their life stories again.

To learn more about this group, just check out their web site

By Myya Durden