Crowds Turn Out For Orange Grove Carnival Association Parade

The Orange Grove Carnival Association's 11th annual parade went off without a hitch in Gulfport on Saturday.

Many people look forward to Mardi Gras every year. But for some parade goers, it was a whole new experience. We found a couple from Brokenarrow Oklahoma who drove to the Coast to experience their first Mardi Gras. Another family from Massachusetts joined in, yelling "throw me something mister," and one person came from as far away as India.

Beads, moon pies and toys were falling faster than they could be caught. There were more throws and more floats; last year there were only 60, and this year there were 65 floats.

Gulfport Fire Chief Pat Sullivan and entertainer Vince Vance were both marshals. The weather was perfect for revelers to enjoy OGCA's "Take a Cruise" Parade.