Gulfport Residents Have More Concerns With Harbor Than Jones Park

The citizens of Gulfport had their say about plans to revive Jones Park.

However, most of the concern didn't have to do with the park at all.

Where will we park boat trailers?  Why remove the launching ramps? Many of the people who came to this Jones Park meeting didn't come to talk about the park.

"I would like to propose if at all possible to the city, we have the proposed boat launch area operational before we take up the existing launch ramps," says David Andre, a resident of Gulfport.

Consultants came to show of plans for the park, but Mayor Brent Warr found himself fielding concerns about the harbor. Concerns the Mayor says have already been addressed.

"If it doesn't suit you perfectly, hang with us cause we are not trying to do anything to hurt anybody. We are trying to give everybody what they want," says Mayor Warr.

Amenities like a hero's memorial, an amphitheater and squirt park for children are things the mayor says the citizens of Gulfport will enjoy.

"What we are trying to do is create a wonderful place where everybody owns one blade of grass in the city of Gulfport where everybody is welcome," says Mayor Warr.

The cost of the project is estimated at eight-million-dollars. The city has two-million dollars and will have fund raising events along the coast for the project.

Leaders say the next step in the Jones Park plan is to develop a contract for construction plans.