Pastor & Wife Hospitallized After Attack By Pit Bulls

A Moss Point Pastor and his wife are in the hospital in Pascagoula recovering from a dog attack. The attack happened Sunday morning as Rev. Randy Kimbrough was preparing for services at Moss Point Presbyterian church.

"I heard my wife scream and I knew that she was in very serious trouble," he said.

He says he ran outside and found his wife pinned down by two pit bulls.

"With her down in a very vulnerable position. She was going to die if I didn't get to her quickly."

On Monday Rev. Kimbrough talked from the inside of his hospital room. He says the pit bulls have been an on going problem in his Moss Point neighborhood. He says the dogs belong to a neighbor across the street from the parsonage where the Kimbroughs live.

Kimbrough says he was able to fight the dogs off his wife and together they went back inside. Rev. Kimbrough says he dialed 911 for an ambulance, but his wife was in so much pain that she asked him to drive her to the hospital. The couple went back outside thinking the dogs were gone. They weren't. The pit bulls launched a second attack but with a different target, the Reverend.

"Then they came to me," he said. "So I tried to retreat back to the porch. They caught me back here on my calf and pull out a pretty big plug."

Kimbrough says even with bites to his leg and arm, his wife got the worst of it.

"My wife's left arm was mauled very severely. When I saw that arm and we got to hospital I thought, 'They're just going to take if off below the elbow'. I'm very happy and thrilled that she is doing better after surgery yesterday she was able to move her fingers and she couldn't do that before surgery."

All around Singing River Hospital you will find the art work of Ruth Kimbrough. Her husband says she seems to be recovering well physically from the attack but as far as emotionally, it's too early to tell.

Rev. Kimbrough said "I don't think anybody really knows. If you've never been through anything like this you don't know what it's going to be like long term to try to recover from it. But if the dogs are put down that would go a long way to toward bringing healing to our family."

Several people who didn't want want to talk on camera said they feel their neighborhood is being terrorized by these pit bulls. They say several cats have been mauled.. and one man told us his young nephew had been attacked.

"I think something should have been done with those dogs when they chased the boys on the bikes several months ago," said Kimbrough. "We're paying the price because nothing was done."

Moss Point Police could not confirm whether these dogs have attacked before, but say they're looking into it. They also say no charges have been filed at this time.

The director of the Jackson County animal shelter says the dogs are under quarantine for the next 10 days. After that, he says he won't be able to keep the owners from retrieving them unless the shelter is told not to by the city of Moss Point.