Biloxi School District Asking Parents About Uniforms

In the courtyard at Biloxi Jr. High, you can see clothing in all colors, styles, and designer labels. And when asked about the hot topic of school uniforms, the students have plenty of opinions.

"No, I really don't think we should have uniforms," said 8th Grader Tabitha Tovey. "We should be able to show our individuality, and be able to be different."

Ninth grader Katrina Wallace disagrees.

"It'll save their parents a lot of money, because not everybody is able to get new clothes. I think it will improve their self esteem," Wallace said.

Some students can't seem to decide.

"It would be nice to wake up every morning and know what you're going to wear," said 8th Grader Matthew Wahl. "But on the other side, it gives students a sense of creativity when they get to express what they wear."

While students are more concerned about their individuality, the school board is more focused on issues like security, behavior and grades. Those issues are part of a survey that will be sent to every parent in the district.

"What we would like to do is find out what parents believe about school uniforms, and also ask about what grades their children are in," said Biloxi Superintendent Dr. Paul Tisdale. "I think we would consider it, based on the response. Even though it's considered, I don't know if it would be adopted."

Even if the district adopts a uniform policy, it probably won't change the students' minds.

"No uniforms," said 8th Grader Colton Copeland. "I had to wear them before. It's not fun. It's just blah. No flare, no personality, same as everybody else."

"I'm for uniforms," said 9th Grader Abryean Brown. "You don't have anything to pick on about anybody, because you're all wearing the same thing. You all look the same, but you're different people."

There are about 4,700 students in the Biloxi School District. The superintendent hopes to get the surveys back by the end of April, and present the results to the school board on May 8th.

By: Trang Pham-Bui