Hope Comes To The Coast In The Form Of A New Building In Vancleave

Mississippi United Methodist Disaster Response is working to bring more hope to the coast through a new storage facility. A new warehouse, called Camp Hope offers a centralized place to house relief supplies and building supplies to get people what they need before and after a disaster hits.  It sits on the grounds of the Vancleave United Methodist Church.  The large space allows more supplies to be stored while saving money.

"It allows us to save over 50%on the materials that we use in rebuilding homes on the coast. We're able to buy it in bulk and wholesale and through contractor prices," says Robert Sharp, Director of Mississippi Methodist Conference Disaster Response.

"We have needed and envisioned this sort of facility for the continued recovery," says Hope Morgan Ward, Bishop for the Mississippi Conference United Methodist Church.

Before the warehouse, supplies were held in a shed.  The new warehouse has additional    built-in benefits.

"It also allows us to house up to 86 volunteers that come in and help us work on those homes and the rebuild process," says Sharp.

Camp Hope is just the first building of hope the group has built.   The organization says there's more to come.  The group plans to build a second storage building at the Nugent United Methodist Church in North Gulfport off Highway 49 and a third in Hancock County.   Organizers say building these warehouse will offer centralized locations from which supplies can be housed and volunteers can be organized to help with disaster efforts in other parts of the country.

Bishop Ward says their efforts to help families on the coast continue based on one simple approach.

"We worked with them one by one by one by one."