Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Wants Back Into A State Farm Case

State Attorney General Jim Hood wants back into a State Farm insurance case that would help establish guidelines for thousands of policy-holders. He's asking the court to allow him to intervene to, quote, "protect the interests of the state."

In court papers filed Friday, Hood argues that State Farm has not held up its end of the agreement, having failed to establish a, quote, "orderly, fair and prompt administrative procedure to reevaluate Hurricane Katrina claims" in the three Coastal counties. Earlier this year, Hood agreed to drop a criminal investigation of State Farm if the company would come up with a fair settlement procedure approved by U.S. District Court. But the procedure was rejected by Judge L.T. Senter and a number of legal procedures since then have brought it to a standstill.

State Farm and Insurance Commissioner George Dale have come up with a deal to reevaluate claims. Friday,  the company sent letters to more than a thousand policy-holders.