Museum Director Set to Leave

Betsy Grant's name is synonymous with the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, a top children's museum in America. She's been with the museum for 12 years, even before the center opened its doors. But this week, Grant will be leaving Lynn Meadows for a position as the CEO of a museum in North Carolina, which is close to where her children live. While Grant is happy she'll be spending more quality time with her loved ones, she says it's hard to leave the staff and patrons she's come to love over the years.

"Betsy has been with us from day one," says Carole Lynn Meadows, co-founder of the Museum.

Meadows met Betsy Grant when the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center was still just a dream. Eventually, the museum became a reality, and Betsy Grant became the director of the museum and its educational programs.

She has provided that educational expertise, plus a vision, and commitment," Meadows says.

Museum patron Peter Potter admires Grant's gift of diplomacy.

"Our first meeting was not exactly one that was conducive to making a long term friendship. It was because the Discovery Center so much traffic over here, and some of the people were parking in our yards, and in our driveways, and I went over to talk to Betsy about it, and we have become fast friends over the years," Potter says.

Meadows credits Grant with helping the museum reopen soon after the storm.

"When I say to you, and I get a little teary eyed, that we would not be here today if it weren't for Betsy Grant because after Katrina, this place was devastated, and she came with her fabulous staff,and she coordinated all of the volunteer help that came here from across this country, to help get us cleaned up and get us opened again ten months later," Meadows says.

Grant is not one to brag on herself and calls her departure bittersweet.

"It's my heart, it really is, but with anything that you love, sometimes you need to let go so that it can grow and be all that it can be," Grant says.