Coast Transit Authority Offers New Routes For Riders

"Our services are coming back really strong especially this year. Our ridership jumped five thousand from February to March. It's mainly to do with the weather and tourism really starts kicking off in March. We did experience that seasonal jump and we were really pleased," says Kevin Coggin, the executive director with the Coast Transit Authority.

Coggin says the company lost 250,000 riders after the storm.  Now that people are coming back there's been a shift in ridership. That's why the Coast Transit Authority is serving those needs with new and improved routes.

"The two major changes are one in Biloxi and one Gulfport. The casino hopper in Biloxi. It's taking the place of our old route 21 which ran in the casino area," says Coggin.  "Every 15 minutes we are at the front door of every business on that corridor."

"Most of the time it's a long wait but lately it's been pretty quick since we got the new buses. It helps me get there 15 minutes earlier than I need to be," says Richard Rudolf.

Rudolf says he uses the transportation service at least three times a week. Coast Transit Authority also extended the popular route 37 which will now run to the Orange Grove area.

"We are a hospitality industry and we are going seven days a week so we wanted to keep that service out there so that people can rely on us to go to work," says Coggin.

It only costs about a dollar per trip or 45 dollars a month for a bus pass.

This month, the Coast Transit Authority is allowing everyone to ride the Casino Hopper at no charge.