Bacteria Closes Beach In Jackson County

MDEQ has issued a health advisory for waters along Main Street in St. Andrews because of bacteria.

"You never know what you can get out there," Robert Bishop says.

MDEQ says the recent rain stirred up the sand and water, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Robert Bishop comes in close contact with this water everyday- so a warning means a lot to him. But would he get in the water?

"Actually I've had to, to wash all the mud and muck off me from the ditches we've been up in. Right now, I'm not too keen on getting out there now if you say there's contaminants there," Bishop says.

Some beach visitors didn't mind cooling off in the contaminated water. Others say the temporary relief just isn't worth the risk of upset stomach, diarrhea or a staff infection.

"My immune system's pretty good but I just can't take the risk," Ocean Springs resident Josh Bigelow says.

MDEQ says sometimes it just takes bacteria a few days to reach normal levels again. But some locals say to not count on them taking a dip in these waters anytime soon.

"It will be a couple years before I get back in. Make sure everything's clear and clean," Bigelow says.

So even though the waves and water might look inviting, this is one time Bishop says is worth the wait.

"Would I go out there swimming? Maybe, maybe not. But since there's an advisory? Definitely not," Bishop says.

MDEQ issued another advisory earlier this week, cautioning people from visiting Edgewater Beach in Biloxi. That warning has been lifted.