Ballroom Dance Challenge Finalists

You are all invited to attend the Ballroom Dance Challenge finale on Thursday, May 3rd from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Beau Rivage Coast Nightclub.
The six finalists will compete in front of three judges, and their evaluations along with the total online votes, will determine the winning dance couple. 
The winners, along with two traveling companions, will fly to Los Angeles on May 14 to watch the live broadcast of the semi-final of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.    

The six finalists of the WLOX Ballroom Dance Challenge, in no particular order, are:

  • style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Arthur Williams and Masumi Williams
  • style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Ronnie Parker and Loni Osborne
  • style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Luis Iglesias and Gail Engelhardt
  • style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Juan Victor Chandler and Barbara Mauldin
  • style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Andrew Sanders and Juliana Stolz
  • style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Oscar Medina and Emily Clark

Watch the six finalists' dance performances by clicking on the following video links.