Virginia Volunteers Partner To Help Rebuild D'Iberville

Virginia Beach volunteers are helping put D'Iberville back together. For many of the workers, it's their third trip here since the storm.

"We love your people. Because they're always so grateful and kind. They feed us meals. And we've had cajun this and shrimp that and everybody just loves it," said organizer Bob Brenton.

"This is my third trip down. And I feel like I'm at home," said a smiling Mary Jo Kennedy.

A few of the volunteers took a quick break from the drywall and woodwork for a front porch discussion about their mission to Mississippi.

"My wife passed away in September. In October he got me and said, go to work. Make your muscles hurt instead of your heart," said volunteer Duane Bushey, "Oh, it's been uplifting. The people here are just wonderful."

"It's just all been a good experience for me. I go to bed tired, but get up ready to work the next day," says Alice Justice from Hampton, Virginia.

Kennedy says the group always leaves the Mississippi Gulf Coast with a blessing.

"Uplifting. In spite of all the devastation, I feel wonderful when I come home," she said.

Kathleen Malone finds it wonderful to have a new home. Hers is the first one finished by the Virginia-D'Iberville partnership.

"We'd like to give this key to Kathleen Malone at this partnership house here in D'Iberville," said Ed Cake, who helps organize the D'Iberville Volunteers Foundation.

Kathleen joined her sister Linda Davis in showing off the new home. While they proudly point to the finished product, down the road other volunteers put the finishing touches on another partnership house.

Don MacEachern plans plenty of extra trips to the coast.

"And frankly, we'll be back for years to come. My wife and I will be doing this every six months as we come down from the area. So, this is out third trip and looking forward to more," he said.

Those return trips will result in the hugs and happiness that make the labor so worthwhile.