Biloxi Teen Reportedly Shoots His Father

A 14-year-old Biloxi Junior High School student is in jail. Dante Evans is accused of shooting and killing his father. The overnight murder was at trailer number 69 in the Popp's Ferry Road FEMA park.

On the morning after the trailer park shooting, Biloxi investigators met with neighbors and friends of the victim. They tried to collect as much information as they could to figure out why 14 year old Dante Evans would allegedly shoot and kill his father. Sue Kimball is one of the Biloxi investigators working this case.

"We had some evidence at the scene," she said. "And we did an extensive interview with the juvenile that led to the charge of homicide."

Kimball spent all night at the Popp's Ferry Road FEMA park. Her department got a 911 call about an hour after 40 year old Darold Evans got shot. That call came just after midnight.

"We believe that the juvenile prompted the neighbor to call at that point," said Kimball.

Sometime Thursday night, inside trailer number 69, the younger Evans reportedly grabbed his father's gun and shot Darold Evans one time in the head.

Investigators say the child believes he was being "treated unfairly." Police checked with the Mississippi Department of Human Services. That agency confirmed that it has been contacted in the past about previous claims of abuse by the child. However, Investigator Kimball said DHS was never able to prove that the allegations were true.

"Other agencies involvement have suggested that there has been no direct evidence as such," she said.

According to police, Evans and his son lived in the Popp's Ferry Road trailer park a couple of months. Investigators have found the gun used to kill Darold Evans.

Even though Dante Evans is just 14, he'll be tried for murder as an adult. A judge set bond for the Biloxi Junior High School student at $1 million.