Don't Give Up On New Voting Technology

What was supposed to be a major improvement in the voting process in Mississippi has turned into a major controversy. This week the Harrison County Supervisors voted to stop using the new computerized touch screen voting machines, and go back to the old voting system.

The circuit clerk and other election workers said the new system had too many problems, and would be too expensive to fix. Plus, they feel that Secretary of State Eric Clark hasn't responded promptly to the problems with the new system.

Shame on Harrison County Supervisors for giving up on the new technology after only one election cycle. And shame on Secretary of State Eric Clark for not immediately addressing Harrison County's problems with this new technology.

Enough questions have been raised about the touch screen system that the Secretary of State and Harrison County Supervisors need to step in and figure out how to fix the problems. And they need to do it quickly, before the general election in November.

One election cycle is no reason to abandon the new, touch screen voting technology that just about everybody else in Mississippi is using.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager