Charles Warner Homes Residents Given 90 Days To Leave

Since the 1960s, the Charles Warner Homes have provided shelter to low income Jackson County families.

"Right after Hurricane Camille, we were one the first black families to move down here," Pascagoula resident Leon Coleman said.

"It is a nice community. All the businesses are closed," Pascagoula resident Sherrie Staten said.

Before the housing complex in Pascagoula is torn down this summer, 53 families will have to move. Coleman and Staten got notices stating they had to be out in 90 days.

"When I read the note, it was a shock feeling," Coleman said.

"I was devastated. 90 days?" Staten said.

The two say that's just not enough time. They point to few vacancies and high rent as reasons why finding a place in Pascagoula is nearly impossible.

"Since Katrina, the cheapest apartment I found is $550 for a one bedroom. So that is $1,100 to move in, that I do not have. And I still have to pay rent, and lights and buy food," Staten said.

"They seem they want to move everybody out and give them no financial stuff to move with." one elderly Pascagoula resident said.

Housing Authority leaders say that's just not true. Residents will get vouchers to use on new apartments or they have the option of moving to another Housing Authority property.

But the Charles Warner Homes residents say the deal is still not fair.

"The vouchers do not cover everything. It does not cover our total expenses," Coleman said.

"Some of these seniors have been out here for decades and this is the only place they know, and just to kick them out? I feel they do not care about us. They want us out," Staten said.

Housing Authority Leaders say that every Charles Warner resident will have place to stay. And when the new units are built, each family has the option of returning.