Lady Admirals Weigh In On Imus Controversy

MSNBC announced Wednesday it would drop its simulcast of "Imus In The Morning." Their announcement comes on the heels of major advertisers pulling their ads from the show.

While Don Imus has apologized for what many call racially charged and sexist comments, they say its too little, too late.

Imus' remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team have sparked discussion all over the nation. The discussion has made its way into the locker rooms of Gulfport High. The Lady Admirals have differing opinions on what the future should hold for the shock jock.

"I think he should be taken off the air," says junior Racquel Rushing.

"I think he should lose his job," says junior Shanea Joseph

Sophomore Asleigh Lewis is a little more torn.

"I'm not sure about it. I don't think he should lose his job, but I don't think he should be on air for a while," Lewis says.

Their coach, Oatis Gates, also had some suggestions on what could be done if Imus should remain on air.

"I think possibly what could be done is that he's made to take his show in a certain direction. He could make more of an effort to address certain issues, as far as race and female gender are concerned, so that he can bring a positive awareness to those type things," says Gates.

The Rutgers women's basketball team has agreed to meet with Don Imus next Tuesday where he has said he wants to apologize in person. The Lady Admirals say the face to face meeting is a good move.

"I think it was a good idea, because they needed to all sit down and talk about it. But, point blank, he shouldn't have said what he said. I think he basically gave himself a bad name, but I think they should accept his apology," says Lewis.

"In every situation, I've told them, if somebody says something about you, you've got to carry yourself the way you know how to carry yourself and not allow what the person said affect you. We have to do that on the court also," says Gates.

Regardless of the controversy this situation has caused, the Lady Admirals say the situation should only encourage the team to work even harder on and off the court.

"It should motivate them to be bigger and better than what he called them," says Lewis.

Executives at CBS Corporation will ultimately decide the fate of Imus' show. For now, Imus is suspended for two weeks beginning Monday without pay.