Free Job Training Offered To Hurricane Victims

God's Katrina Kitchen is known for serving free meals to hundreds of people every day. However, the kitchen took a pause this week help people in a different way.

The charity served as a workshop for the National Business Service Alliance's job readiness program. Dozens of job seekers filled God's Katrina Kitchen in hopes of a start to a new career.

"I'm so glad Katrina's Kitchen had this opportunity to take this time to let people know," says Melissa Gold.

Gold was just one of the people who attended the workshop about the job readiness program. Leaders with the National Business Service Alliance say it's crucial not to forget about those affected by the storm. That's why they are providing people with the necessary skills to find employment.

"People are still losing their jobs. They may not think that it is Katrina related, but it is. When you hear that a major company is closing its doors and relocating because they can't bounce back, then you have been affected by Katrina," says Sheryl Swilley with the National Business Service Alliance.

Swilley is the program development manager for the company.  She says she knows first hand what it's like to be without a job after Hurricane Katrina.

"I spent a year and a half from Katrina looking for employment. Always thinking that I have many, many years of experience, this ought to be an easy thing for me. But what people are finding out in trying to re-establish their lives after Katrina is that maybe they were very successful at what they did. They were good employees, but they are looking for jobs that either don't exist or they find that their skills are outdated," says Swilley.

The job readiness program will update workers' skills. Each participant will have a personal training advisor, help with the job search, and a certificate of completion from a prestigious college. And best of all it's free.

"I would like to be retired in the next 10 years. And with the Coast and everything, if it is God's will, this provides an opportunity for that to be possible," says George Rivero, a workshop participant.

If you want to find out how to enroll in the program, just call 1-866-281-8099.