"Ghost Busters" Want To Explore Cemetery

"Most 'orbs' are going to be dust, but every once in awhile we get one we can't explain," said Dolly Litke, as she explained her paranormal investigating during a visit to Wolf River Cemetery.

"We're not a bunch of psychics going out there. We use equipment," she said.

Litke's passion is pursuing the paranormal. She's comfortable tracking ghosts in cemeteries or haunted houses.

"We had a house over in Biloxi, which is still haunted. It would throw things. It would talk to you. It would pull your hair. Pull on your clothes," said the founder of Shadowz Paranormal.

She has no reservations about spending nights in a cemetery.

"It doesn't bother me. I know they can hit me and touch me. It happens. But I'm not scared of it," she said.

A digital picture from a cemetery in Ocean Springs seems to show a fog like figure.

"We had an actual mist form right in front of us. We have pictures of it forming and then dissipating right in front of us," Litke says.

Some may say "the mist" looks like cigarette smoke. But Litke isn't deterred by skeptics.

"I've spent thousands of dollars on equipment. On my training. It's very serious to me. It's a research field and we're trying to understand it better."

Tools of her trade are electronic.

"Those are the infra red cameras. And these are the night video cameras," she explained, while unloading equipment from her van, "We can record what's happening in four rooms at one time. Or even outside."

Julie Sinclair was a skeptic at first. She joined the investigating team a few months ago.

"No longer skeptical. I've had a door slam on me. It's a very different experience," she said.

Dolly Litzke knows what she's seen and heard. But all the equipment and experience hasn't convinced her 19-year-old son.

"I've never had anything happen to me to believe in it. So, until I get slapped upside the head or something, I won't believe in it," said Jared Litke.

Mom's belief is enough for now.

"It's a learning experience for everybody. We don't know all the answers. We never will probably," said Dolly.

You can reach Shadowz Paranormal Investigations at their web site www.shadowzparanormal.com