City of Gulfport Hires New Citizen Request Manager

City departments are inundated daily with calls from citizens with problems and situations they can't solve. Now, the city of Gulfport has created a new position to help expedite citizens' requests and address their concerns.

Jolene Johnson is Gulfport's new Citizen Request Manager. She's only been on the job for two weeks, but has already done a lot of work.

"Some of the recent calls I've had were dealing with sewer situations, flags and school zones. Sometimes people don't know who to call or where to call, so they call here and I will help them and get them with the people who they need to speak with," Johnson said.

Mayor Brent Warr created the new position, and it was approved by the City Council. Johnson's job is to handle any concerns or questions Gulfport residents have regarding city issues or problems.

"First thing I do is listen, because sometimes the problem or concern isn't apparent right in the beginning, then try to figure out which department can help them in the most efficient manner," Johnson said.

Johnson brings a lot of experience to this position as a liaison between the public and city departments. She has served in the military and as a Community Liaison Officer with the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia.

"Down there I had to be able to help a lot of people with adverse needs, and many people, so that is going to help with this job," Johnson said.

Johnson says she's enjoying her new role as the city's liaison, and looks forward to the troubleshooting she'll be doing during the days to come.

Johnson may be reached  at (228) 868-5878 or by email Her office is located in City Hall.