Skilled Volunteers Needed To Rebuild & Repair Hurricane Damaged Homes

Volunteers can be found working around the clock in Pascagoula these days. They're helping demolish Maceo Dennis's 57-year-old home on School Avenue. You'll also find them just blocks away on Skip Avenue sanding and painting Leonard Cook's home.

"They have been working hard and doing a good job. I am very well satisfied with what they're doing," Cook said.

And with 85 days left in this huge undertaking, project leader Keith Canfield says work is surprisingly ahead of schedule.

"We have about 33 houses underway. We have $10,000 per house from both Salvation Army and Red Cross, so times the hundred houses that is $2 million. And Northrop Grumman has contributed $50,000," Canfield said.

While financial donations continue to flow in to help with materials, Canfield says there are not many local skilled volunteers signing up to help.

"A lot of churches have been providing volunteers, but that was out of town."

With electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work needed to finish these houses, Mississippi Home Again Founder Tammy Agard is sending an open invitation for community assistance.

"The state requires people to have a license to do the functions, and the volunteers coming from all across the country can't help in that respect. We really need volunteers to fill in that gap," Agard said.

"This is a great opportunity for community to help community," Canfield said.

And more helping hands equals more Pascagoula families moving back home.

If you would like to help with the "100 Homes in 100 Days Project," visit