Gulfport Library Could Find New Home Above Downtown Parking Garage

The Harrison County Library System has three possible sites for the new downtown Gulfport library.

On Monday, library director Robert Lipscomb told the Board of Supervisors that one of those plans would involve building additional stories above the parking garage on 15th Street.

Lipscomb says the Gulf Coast Business Council approached him with the idea, and even supplied some conceptual drawings of what the library might look like. Lipscomb says he can see advantages to locating there.

"I think it would be very safe. There would be three floors that water could pass through, which it did during Katrina. The building was relatively undamaged. So it would be very safe for the collection and everything, opposed to being on ground level, because the worst thing that could happen to a library is a flood," Lipscomb said.

Lipscomb told board members there is an ideal site on Old Highway 49 for the library planned for the Orange Grove area. He expects the two libraries to cost about $9 million.