Faith Based Volunteers Still Busy

Visiting volunteers from North Carolina will spend the week sawing and hammering and repairing a historic home in West Gulfport.

This particular house will get a week's worth of attention from volunteers who live in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Ralph Belk is making his third mission trip to the coast with the North Carolina Baptist Men.

"It might happen to me someday. And I'd like for these people just to help me back. And it's the love of Jesus in our heart that really motivates us to come and help people," says Belk

"There's still a lot to be done," said Melvin McGee, as he hammered an electrical panel into place.

The house won't be done when this work crew leaves. But these volunteers know others will follow.

"Christian people ought to do Christian things. And there's no better thing to do than help those who really need help," McGee explains.

While the North Carolina team is busy repairing, volunteers from Virginia launch a home building project on 18th Avenue.

"We organized it a little over a year ago. We call ourselves God's Disaster Relief Team," said crew boss, Jimmy Davis.

Darlene House and her mom watched progress from the porch of their trailer next door.

"We're looking. We're looking forward. Looking to be part of Gulfport coming back," she said, "We're excited. We're excited to see walls going up."

"Saw this off, and re-drill it," directed one of the carpenter volunteers.

Eight churches sent nearly 40 volunteers this time around. Jimmy Davis felt a calling after Katrina.

"I had never been to the state of Mississippi in my life. But I went to my minister and told him I wanted to go," said Davis, "And this is my sixth trip here since Katrina hit. And with the help of the Lord, I'll be back."

"But the best part is that we'll have a house to live in when these guys get through with it. Appreciate all the help that we get, the volunteers," said Darlene House's mother.

That help that came quickly after the storm, shows no sign of stopping.