Mom Pays Postage For Soldier Care Packages

$8.10 might not be significant to many people. But to troops overseas, its value is immeasurable.

"Package means everything from someone that's so far from home. Maybe they come home from a mission, maybe they lost someone on that mission, and there's a package that says, 'I love you. I'm supporting you.' It's something that comes from the heart," Mills says.

That's why Delores Mills started Lea's Prayers and Postages. A non-profit organization that pays the price to ship care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This one feels pretty heavy!" she says as she lifts one package ready for the mail.

When Lea Robert Mills was killed in April 2006, his mother knew the best way to honor Lea's memory was to make it easier for others to mail packages to troops overseas.

"It's something that my son, Sgt. Lee Robert Mills would be very happy that I'm doing, because I'm supporting the men and women in arms for him," Mills says.

It's up to the sender to fill the packages. Many contain things like lotion, coffee, eye drops and sweets -- all things that are considered luxuries to troops in the desert.

"Every package means more than the goods that are in it. It means that our country is supporting them," Mills says.

Mills says the difference between supporting war and supporting your troops is huge.

She says that taking the time to remember the troops is something anyone can do. And picking up the postage bill just makes it a little easier for everyone else.

"He made me aware of what our young people are going through. But as far as why I do it, I do it out of patriotism for my country and for my troops. I love them so much and I thank them so much for the sacrifices they're making. I just want the American people to just see what I see," says.

Mills mother lives in Ocean Springs and helps ship the packages. If you or your organization would like to learn more about sending care packages to the troops, you can send donations to either of the following addresses:

Peggy Blanchard
304 Pine Drive
 Ocean Springs, MS 39565

Lea's Prayers & Postage, Inc.
PO Box 9000
Masaryktown, FL 34604

You may also email Delores Mills at