Cold, Wet Weather Doesn't Stop Sunrise Services From Taking Place

Rows of umbrellas, winter coats and warm blankets, were must haves during this year's sunrise service by the sound.   Members of the Mississippi City United Methodist Church braved the cold, wet and windy weather to carry on this 25 year plus tradition. They say braving the elements was no sacrifice compared to the one they came out to remember on this day.

"He suffered a lot more for us than we suffered this morning.  A little rain and cold never hurt me. It was a good morning to be out here and thinking about Jesus is what keeps me warm," says Gary Clay, worship leader.

"He did so much for me.  It was the least I could do for Him to just come out and remember Him and all that He did for us," says Susan Humphrey, church visitor.

Considering what those in this church and others along the coast have gone through, the pastor says worshipping together on such a significant Christian holiday resurrects everyone's spirit and piece of mind.

"In the post-Katrina environment, the opportunity to worship together means a lot to us," says Pastor Rod Dickson-Rishel.

Although the sun was missing for this sunrise service, church members say the true son was not.

"We didn't see the sun rise this morning, but the son did rise a long time ago," says Clay.

These church members say because Christ lives, both they, as well as Christians throughout the world, have a gift far more valuable than any prize found in a colorful Easter basket.

"The gift that was given this morning was the greatest gift that was ever given," says Clay.

After the service, church members warmed up a bit with coffee and sweet treats at the church's temporary building off Courthouse Road.  The pastor says they should soon have a contractor in place to rebuild the church.