The Waveland Public Library Sets Record Numbers

The Waveland Public Library has gone from a 5,000 square foot building to a 600 square foot trailer.

Despite its reduced size, four- thousand books still cover the shelves and it eager patrons steadily file in to find a good read.

"We've had 5 to 800 people and 200 telephone calls," says David Woodburn, Executive Director for Hancock County Public Library System.

Hunter France is a faithful patron who shares his library time with his grandson Hunter Russell. France says the library plays a big part in helping him pass on an important legacy.

"I've always had a love of books and I've passed that on to my four children and to the grandchildren.   With books, you're never lonely.  The love of books, music, poetry and art is something I can pass on to them," says France.

France's grandson, Hunter, says spending time with his grandfather at the library is one of his favorite things to do.

"I like coming with my grandfather and getting books and movies.  I get a lot of Harry Potter books. I like to read those because they're challenging," says Russell.

It's not only the books, Woodburn says the hottest items flying off the shelves are the d.v.d.'s

"We have about 500 of those and we circulate 300," says Woodburn.

Woodburn says they check out so many because the library has many of the latest releases. Beside books and d.v.d's, patrons can also log onto the library's 6 new lab tops with wi-fie connection. As if the re-opening wasn't keeping library workers busy enough, they're already looking 18 months down the road at the opening of their new 5,000 square foot library.

"We've got an architect already. We're working with him on the plans and drawings," says Woodburn.

Woodburn has some helpful advice to newcomers and those returning to rebuild in the community.

"This is always a great place to stop off and get that first card you need which is a library card."

Additional Information:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave the library a grant.  The grant included the building, operational costs and a 25-thousand dollar book grant which bought half of its books.

For more information on the library, click here to visit their website.