Another Car Maker Coming To Mississippi?

The president of Hyundai Motor Company was in the United States this week at the same time Mississippi's top economic development officials gave site tours to a group of unnamed prospects.

A spokesman for the South Korean automaker, speaking to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Wednesday that company president Kim Dong-jin was touring certain areas to discuss a new auto plant.

He did not deny the executive had visited Mississippi.

Hyundai, South Korea's largest automaker, plans to build a one billion dollar car assembly plant in this country that would employ 2,000 people.

Mississippi reportedly is among the potential sites.

A spokeswoman for the Mississippi Development Authority declined to discuss the Hyundai matter, saying the agency does not comment on economic development prospects.

State flight records obtained by The AP under a public records request show that a top MDA executive flew to Dallas on Monday morning to pick up six people for a site visit involving something named Project Beach.

MDA officials and the prospects used two planes to fly Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday afternoon. The planes returned to Jackson with the MDA representatives but not the prospects.