Operation Frostbite Blows Through Moss Point

"I was coming through the stop sign and I saw the flashing lights and I was like, 'Golly they got me.' But I ain't have anything. Good thing," Moss Point resident Demetrius Rodgers said.

Rodgers and more than 100 other people in Moss Point felt the sting of Operation Frostbite Wednesday night.

When asked if he was scared when he was pulled over, Moss Point resident Clay Rodgers said, "Yeah! Who wouldn't be? Somebody came up to you with blue lights, you have no choice but to be scared."

That fear is something the Narcotics Task Force hopes sends chills to suspected drug dealers throughout the county. In the process, it reminds everyone the Task Force means business.

"Whatever y'all doing, y'all better straighten up because they ain't playing," Rodgers said.

The Moss Point mission was one of five stings in the county this year. This round of Operation Frostbite brought 32 arrests and 46 traffic tickets.

"It keeps them scared, it keeps them on their toes, it makes them change tactics. It's been stopping them from hanging out at the convenience stores, walking down the street dealing drugs, it keeps them on their toes," Chad Heck, Assistant Commander of the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County said.

Agents say Operation Frostbite has been one of their most successful crackdown campaigns in recent years. And even though the weather is warming up, you can count on many other operations like Frostbite in the near future.

"If you commit crime in Jackson County, look over your shoulder, because we're gonna be there," Commander of the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County Curtis Spiers said.

If that means higher visibility and more traffic stops in Jackson County, some citizens say they're willing to feel the chill.

"We don't want crack heads out here, running around all over the town," Clay Rodgers said.

The Narcotics Task Force needs your help combating crime throughout Jackson County as they continue their missions. If you have any drug tips, contact the Task Force at 228-769-3302.