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Jackson County Businesses Hope Northrop Strike Will End

Everyone needs groceries and for many in Pascagoula, that means shopping at Jerry Lee's.     Mike Raney, a five year employee at Northrop Grumman, is shopping light.  

"Just a little bit, some bread and stuff, but not an awful lot," says Raney. 

He's hoping his fellow strikers will vote the way he does.  

"The raises that they're giving us is adequate enough," says Raney. "And the insurance is at the right price, so that's why I'm going to vote for it.

Jerry Lee's employee Debra Wages, whose husband works at Northrop Grumman, says the strike has been tough on her family.  

"It's been kind of hard in little ways," says Wages. "You know, having to work extra hours here while he's been off. But he's been trying to do a little catch up work on the house from Katrina, so it's giving him a little opportunity. But you can't do too much without no money coming in."

Jerry Lee's Assistant Manager, Cathy Sigalas, says Northrop workers are some of their best customers.  

"They come in for their breakfast, their lunches, and usually after work," says Sigalas. 

The store has supplied free ice, water, and some groceries to striking workers.  

"They're more like our friends," says Sigalas. "You know, family."

But they hope that their friends will be back at work, and back shopping with their neighborhood grocer soon. That's something that can't happen soon enough for clerk Debra Wages.  

"They need to get on back to work and let's get bills paid," says Wages.

by Don Culpepper

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